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Physical and Health Education

The Physical Education (PE) and Sports framework in CHIJ OLQP aims to meet the needs of our students beyond academic achievement, contributing to the social, emotional and mental development through physical activities. In fostering the physical development of students, our school has a structured 3-tier approach in promoting regular physical activities and sports excellence among our students, anchored on the S.T.A.R.R Values.

Tier 1: Physical Literacy for All
Our school’s PE programme is a primary contributor to building a strong foundation for the acquisition of fundamental motor skills and movement concepts. Through our PE lessons, we place emphasis on learning and enjoyment through developmentally appropriate movement experiences so that our students develop the competence and confidence that contribute to their holistic development. The Physical Health and Fitness programme (PHF) also complements the PE curriculum in reinforcing health & fitness concepts, providing students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for them to make good health choices.

Tier 2: Sports & Health for life
With a strong foundation in physical literacy acquired at Tier 1, we continue to promote student involvement and interest in physical activities through school wide programmes and level wide sports exposure programmes. Some of the sporting highlights include the IJ Olympic Carnival, P5 Outdoor Adventure Camp and “It’s Playtime!” Recess Programme. We also work closely with external partners to extend the students’ learning beyond the textbooks through health-related talks, project work, etc. This broad-based development and range of fun learning experiences motivate students in their life-long participation in sports and development of a healthy lifestyle.

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Tier 3: Sports Excellence
Students pursue sports at a more advanced level through our Sports CCA Programme based on their interest and aptitude. Our student athletes will then be progressively developed and provided with opportunities to represent our school in inter-school competitions. The Living C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N.S. programme and S.T.A.R.R Athletes Camp are key programmes developed to inspire our students to excel in sports and also live out the values on and off the playing field.

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