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Religious Education

“Our task is to serve, to mould and to cultivate those who are entrusted to us.”
Blessed Nicolas Barre

Faith Formation in CHIJ OLQP seeks to give our students a holistic education for life and love. In line with Blessed Nicolas Barre’s vision of serving, moulding and cultivating the young minds and hearts that are entrusted to the school, CHIJ OLQP’s Spiritual, Religious and Moral Formation efforts are made through the Curriculum, Environment and People.

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Catechism Curriculum
  • ‘Walking with Jesus’ series for Catechism Lessons
  • Para-liturgies and activities aligned to the Liturgical Calendar
  • Character Lives In My Behaviour (CLIMB) Character Education Programme
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Our Environment
  • Eucharistic Celebrations, Masses, Daily Prayers and Hymns, Rosary Devotions
  • School-wide Liturgical Activities
  • Enhanced School Environment for a ‘Christ Experience’
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Our People
  • School Chaplain Rev Fr Valerian Chong
  • Led by the School Chaplaincy Team
  • Supported by the Gloire De Dieu Ministry
  • Catholic Teachers
  • Catchists
  • Partnership with Parent Volunteers and Catholic Churches
  • Continual Faith Formation and Development of Staff

Members of the School Chaplaincy Team

Rev Fr Valerian Chong
School Chaplain
Mr Daniel Wong
Chairperson and Catechist
Mr Luke Goh
Coordinator and Catechist
Mrs Clarissa Pang
Ms Celestine Kok
Member and Catechist
Mrs Rose Choo
Member and Catechist
Ms Es'tee Odelia Lim
Member and Catechist
Mrs Christina Yip
Mdm Daphne Koh
Ms Wendy Lye