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In CHIJ OLQP, Science lessons are conducted using the Inquiry-based approach to help our students explore the subject. By relating scientific concepts to real life phenomena, our students are encouraged to ask HOW and WHY questions about the world around them. In addition, we use Differentiated Instruction in our science curriculum to meet the varied needs, interests, and learning goals of our students.

Our programmes and learning experiences are carefully constructed to fuel the natural curiosity in our students.

While Science is not taught at the lower primary, we give our students the headstart by arousing their interest and cultivating a scientific inquiry mindset in them. Our Primary 1 and 2 students are given a literary work and tasked to come up with creative solutions for the characters in their story. In the process, they learn how to use mathematical, scientific and engineering process skills to complete their tasks.

Enrichment programmes such as Young Farmers Programme, E2K and Singapore Science Buskers (SSB) are carried out to help our students acquire critical thinking and effective communication skills and enrich their learning.

In addition, the after-school support programme is conducted for students who need additional help in reinforcing their foundation in Science.

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