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PSG OLQP - Our Link to Quality Partnership

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The PSG was initiated by the school in 2009 under the leadership of the vice principal. Parents were keen to extend their experience and came forward to be involved in the holistic development of the pupils and were interested in contributing to the school initiatives and programmes. 

Role of the PSG:

The PSG OLQP serves as a vital link between the school, the parents and the community. They meet regularly to discuss educational concerns and improvement on school programmes. The professional dialogue sessions with the principal and school personnel strengthens the bond that had led to the mutual collaboration which complements and enhances one another’s strength. The sharing of common vision and goals would enrich school programmes, pupil performance and pastoral care of our pupils. 

The presence of PSG OLQP is to strengthen the cooperation between parents and school for the benefit of our students. We believe that this would pave way for parents to opt for greater involvement in the school. 

Terms of Reference

The PSG’s terms of reference are: 
  • To support the principal and teachers in carrying out projects beneficial to pupils and the school’s image;
  • To organize and channel parent resources to improve the school environment and all-round education so as to maximize each child’s potential; and
  • To provide parental feedback to the principal on aspects of school administration when requested

Structure of Parent Support Group Committee

Structure of Parent Support Group Committee
Meetings are for people who care and share, for people to work towards a common goal, and for people to keep the ties that bind.

STAGES OF MEETING Member's Contribution Chairperson's Role
- Be well-prepared 

  • Decide whether the meeting is necessary
  • Distribute reading materials in advance
  • Prepare agenda and inform members before meeting
  • Prioritise items for discussion
  • Be realistic about the number of items on the agenda
- Be directed and focused 
  • Be systematic
  • Define purpose
  • Diagnose problem
  • Develop and generate ideas
  • Weigh options
  • Reach optimum solutions
  • Keeps meeting focused
  • Ensures that items on the agenda are adequately covered
  • Ensures that meeting is not stretched beyond the stipulated time.
  • Watches out for decline in members' concentration
Issues for Discussion
  • Functions of the group
  • Expectations of members and non-members
  • A shared vision
  • Ground rules
  • Training for PSG members
  • Recognition of parent volunteers' services
  • Reach-out to families
  • Networking among parents
  • Programme monitoring and evaluation
  • Programme strengths and weaknesses
  • Funds and budget
  • Meetings/activities venue
  • Promotes discussion
  • Exercises control
  • Ensures one member speaks at a time
  • Ensures no personal disputes arise
  • Ensures no one dominates discussion
  • Ensures that issues are relevant to majority of members
  • Encourages, stimulates, probes for ideas
  • Summaries ideas
  • Minutes of meeting recorded to reflect decisions reached and actions to be taken

Conclusion of Discussion

  • Ends meeting - reads non-verbal signs that people have had enough

  • Monitor progress of tasks assigned to members

PSG Council Members

PSG Council can be contacted at psgchijolqp@gmail.com

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Thank you, Parents, for being so supportive!

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