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Catholic Education


God-loving pupils who have a strong desire to walk in the footsteps of God.


To provide opportunities for the children to encounter His Word.

Department Structure

Head of Department

Ms Valerie Heng

RE Coordinator

Mrs Monica Thio

RE Committee Members

Mrs Regina Julian
Mrs Clare Lewis

Programme Highlights

Through RE the school intends to provide opportunities, which should help children of all races, abilities and cultural and religious backgrounds to:

  • Foster an attitude of positive inquiry towards religious beliefs
  • Discover and learn about the beliefs, practices and history of Christianity
  • Appreciate the connections between religious beliefs and behaviour
  • Develop a tolerant and respectful attitude towards the opinions and traditions of others
  • Cultivate a spiritual and moral awareness
  • Reflect on values and beliefs
  • Express curiosity about the meaning and purpose of life
  • Recognize their responsibility to the natural world

These aims will be met by giving pupils opportunities to experience:

  • First-hand experience through participation in masses, retreats, Catechism classes and talks
  • Investigation of stories, religious texts, beliefs, practices and religious ways of life
  • Reflection- consideration of their own and others’ feelings, experiences, beliefs, attitudes and spirituality
  • Independent learning- personal, self-motivated study, investigation, interpretation and understanding



Daily Prayers


Masses / Thanksgiving Service

P1- P6

Catechism classes

P1- P6

Stations of the Cross

P1- P6

Penitential Service

P1- P6

Lent & Easter Activities

P1- P6

Rosary Devotions- May & October

P1- P6

Talks by Father Edmund

P4- P6