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Mother Mathilde Award

The Mother Mathilde Award is a prestigious title given to a Primary 6 student who has fulfilled the holistic criteria of the award, namely in the area of

 (1) Academic excellence, 

(2) CCA achievements, and 

(3) Leadership & service to school & community. 

The recipient of this award should display the determination, the tenacity of not giving up despite all the odds and the courage that Mother Mathilde had. Like Mother Mathilde’s leadership qualities, the recipient should also exhibit the ability to make do with what one had and to think creatively of ways to meet challenges and rise above the adversities.

Congratulations to the following outstanding recipients!


Past Year Recipients

2011Kelly Tan Shi Hui
2012Leo Edwin Paul Jeswin
2013Cheryl Vanessa Devan 
2014Christine Choo Jia Ying 
2015Arthena Anushka Thenpandiyan 
2016Ellka Khoh 
2017Jeanette Choo Jia Xuan 
2018Sharlene Alicia Ng
2019 Shermaine Loh Yan Ting
2020 Emily Loi Jia Ee